Leadership Development


The MCAH Program encourages and promotes leadership by providing students with the knowledge and skills necessary to understand and analyze complex, changing and current issues in the field and develop, implement and evaluate systems of care, programs, and services for MCAH populations.

Two year MCAH students are required to enroll in an MCAH Leadership Seminar in the spring of their first year in the program.  The seminar combines modules from the MCAH Navigator, guest lectures, relevant films, analysis of current events, and facilitated discussion to develop students’ leadership capacities.  This seminar emphasizes critical MCAH competencies including personal leadership development, cultural competence, ethics, working successfully in teams, and making difficult decisions.  Students take this seminar the semester prior to beginning their field internships where they are expected to apply the skills and theory learned in the classroom in a real-world MCAH setting.

MCAH students are also encouraged to enroll in a career development course entitled PH291 “What can you do with a degree in Public Health?”  offered by the Center for Public Health Practice (CPHP). This course consists of a series of dynamic speakers who are public health leaders in the local community.  The speakers provide students with information about career opportunities in public health, discuss their own professional trajectories, and highlight current issues and trends in the field.  This course exposes students to the world of professional possibilities and helps them envision their own path in the field.


The SPH Career Services Office and Center for Public Health Practice offer workshops and trainings on a range of professional development topics. All MCAH students are encouraged to attend. See a listing of upcoming events here.