Advanced LEAP Scholars

Advanced LEAP Scholars participate in a two-year MCAH undergraduate curriculum that includes MCAH coursework, a summer internship, and a research fellowship. Advanced LEAP Scholars will receive academic and professional support from LEAP, including but not limited to advanced leadership training, guidance on the graduate school application process, and mentorship/advising opportunities with graduate students and faculty.

Advanced LEAP Scholar Program Requirements

Each Advanced LEAP Scholar is expected to complete the following training program requirements:

1. MCAH Coursework (may overlap with major requirements)

  • MCAH Core Course (3 units) offered in the Spring semester
  • MCAH Foundational Content Elective (1-4 units)
  • MCAH Social Determinants of Health Elective (1-4 units)
2. MCAH Leadership Training
  • Spring Leadership Retreat in January 2024
  • Cohort Meetings on Wednesdays weekly from 6:00 - 7:30 PM in Spring 2024, Fall 2024, & Spring 2025
  • PB HLTH 155D: Preparation for Public Health Practice and Leadership Seminar (3 units) in Fall 2024 (highly recommended, or alternative LEAP-specific leadership training)
  • Cascading Mentorship Pod
3. MCAH Summer Internship (Summer 2024)
  • Virtual Summer Bridge Workshop Series (4 sessions from June - July 2024)
  • MCAH Summer Internship (160 hours total, typically completed part-time over two months or one month full-time; fellowship award eligible)
4. MCAH Research Fellowship ($1500 fellowship eligible)
The Advanced LEAP Scholar curriculum is subject to change, and any program changes will be communicated to scholars with as much advance notice as possible. Click here to view an Advanced LEAP Scholar Sample Plan and List of MCAH Electives.

2023 Application Information & Deadline

The 2023 Advanced LEAP Scholars application is open to undergraduate Public Health students in their final two years at UC Berkeley (ex: EGT May 2025, August 2025, December 2025). Students who are accepted this Fall 2023 cycle commit to the Advanced LEAP Scholar curriculum until graduation in May 2025.

Application Link: is external)

Priority Deadline: October 31, 2023

If you have any questions and/or concerns, please contact the Program Manager, Tina Lu, at sends e-mail)

Applying to the Public Health major this cycle? Junior/transfer students applying to the Public Health major during the Fall 2023 application cycle (December 17th - 31st) are eligible and encouraged to apply as Advanced LEAP Scholars. Acceptance as an Advanced LEAP Scholar is conditional upon acceptance to the Public Health major. The LEAP program team will work with scholars and provide support with the Public Health major application process.

Advanced LEAP Scholar Application Requirements

  • Public Health undergraduate student in their final two years at UC Berkeley at the time of application (ex: EGT May 2025, August 2025, December 2025)
  • Resume/CV (1-2 pages) that can include opportunities that you have been involved in that are related to your specific interest in Maternal, Child, and Adolescent Health. Opportunities can range from involvement in jobs, internships, research, volunteering, student organizations, etc.
  • Cover Letter (1-2 pages) that expresses your interest in Maternal, Child, and Adolescent Health (MCAH) and how participating as an Advanced LEAP Scholar contributes to your professional/academic goals. Please also feel free to highlight any of your lived, professional, and/or academic experiences and how they align with MCAH.