Advisory Board

Center of Excellence in MCAH Advisory Board

The Center of Excellence in MCAH maintains an Advisory Board of leading MCAH professionals in the San Francisco Bay Area.  The Advisory Board is made up of representatives from Title V and MCAH organizations, including organizations serving CYSHCN, state and local MCAH Directors and program staff, other HRSA MCHB funded projects, community representatives, and alumni.


Ifeyinwa Asiodu, PhD, RN

Associate Professor, Family Health Care Nursing

UCSF School of Nursing – California Childcare Health Program (CCHP)

Natalie V. Berbick, MSW

MCAH Program Specialist

Contra Costa Public Health Department – Family, Maternal & Child Health Division

Claire Brindis, DrPH


UCSFPhilip R. Lee Institute for Health Policy Studies

Tamica Foots-Rachal, BS

Project Director

Family Voices of California

Jeff Gould, MD, MPH


Stanford School of Medicine – Division of Neonatology, Perinatal Epi & Health Outcomes Research Unit

Anna Gruver, MPH, MSW


Alameda County Public Health Department-Family Health Services Division

Charles E. Irwin, JR, MD


UCSF LEAH ProjectNational Adolescent Health Information and Innovation Center (NAHIC) and the Public Policy Analysis and Education Center for Adolescent and Young Adult Health

Gor Yee Lum, MPH**

Regional MCH Consultant

US Public Health Service, Region IX

Kristen Marchi, MPH*


UCSF Center for Health Equity

Pip Marks

Program Manager

Family Voices of California
* UCB Maternal, Child and Adolescent Health Program Alum
** Federal Liason