MCAH Professor Jaspal Sandhu: Human-Centered Design for Innovations in Domestic Violence Prevention

September 12, 2019

Jaspal Sandhu PhD presents a talk

On Tuesday, September 10, MCAH professor Jaspal Sandhu presented brown bag talk at the

UC Berkeley School of Public Health titled "Human-Centered Design for Innovations in Domestic Violence Prevention".


Dr. Sandhu, Assistant Adjunct Professor (Professor of Practice) in Maternal, Child, and Adolescent Health at UC Berkeley, is managing and co-founding partner of the Gobee Group, a social innovation consultancy.   In 2018, the Blue Shield Foundation partnered with Gobee Group to launch  Reimagine Lab, an initiative that uses human-centered design approaches to accelerate new ideas to prevent cycles of family and domestic violence in California's diverse communities. The innovation engine of this experience has been a team of 16 leaders from diverse professional backgrounds with equally diverse personal identities. This application of human-centered design to an issue as complex as domestic violence is novel for the emerging "design for health" field. 

Dr. Sandhu’s practice-oriented talk presented the framework of Reimagine Lab as one that may be replicated for other complex public health challenges facing society.