Undergraduate Peer Advising

LEAP Peer Ambassadors are senior undergraduate public health students in our Advanced LEAP Scholar cohort. LEAP Peer Ambassadors connect with students who are interested in MCAH, share experiences about student life and community environment, and provide mentoring with academic planning and creating a balanced workload. 

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LEAP Peer Ambassadors 2023-24

Jaimie and Samantha are both senior undergraduate students studying public health at UC Berkeley and are in their final year of our Advanced LEAP Scholar curriculum!

Jaimie Millizent Lee(she/her)

Jaimie is a fourth year student majoring in Public Health and minoring in Child Development and Data Science. She is passionate about improving child and adolescent mental health outcomes in a culturally-responsive manner by examining the impact of stigma, adverse childhood experiences, and intergenerational trauma.

Currently, she facilitates the Introduction to Mental Health and Counseling DeCal and works at the Ozer lab on youth participatory action research. In her free time, she enjoys thrifting, baking, and playing video games. If you have any questions, connect with Jaimie through email or office hours: Sign Up for Peer Advising with Jaimie: tinyurl.com/leap-jaimie

Samantha Tapia (she/her)

Samantha is a fourth year majoring in Public Health and Pre-Medicine. Within MCAH, she is passionate about global public health and how healthcare access contributes to health inequities found in maternal and familial health. More specifically, she has grown interested in perinatal health and how compounding negative events over the lifecourse alters the wellbeing of a new mother. 

On campus, she has organized local volunteer events through my leadership as Co-President in the campus organization, MEDLIFE. Through her participation in MEDLIFE over the years, she has been able to bridge her passion for both Public Health and medicine by volunteering at People’s Park in Berkeley and by volunteering in mobile medical clinics in Peru. The experience in Peru exposed her to her unique passion in global public health work. Also, she has done community health research regarding health care accessibility with the nonprofit Roots in East Oakland. In addition, she participated in a summer internship at MIMS which gave me a great deal of exposure to medicine in multiple facets. 

If any of these experiences seem interesting to you and/or you are interested in doing something similar, or if you simply would like to chat, her peer advising hours are open on Fridays 10am-12pm, Sign Up for Peer Advising with Samantha: tinyurl.com/leap-samantha